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Private Site Clinic

Do you have one or more of these concerns about your website?

  • Are you having difficulties with how to find new links?
  • Are you struggling to find and identify bad links?
  • Does new content take long to index on your website?
  • Would you like to know if you experience negative SEO?
  • Is your website traffic too low?
  • Do you find it challenging to find new content ideas?
  • Do you see a manual action in Google Search Console?
  • Do you believe that spammy backlinks are holding some of your most important keywords?
  • Are you unsure which SEO metrics to look at?
  • Do you feel you have the "handbrakes" on with your website?
  • Do you need an overview of your link profile?
  • Want to know if and which links are hurting your SEO?
  • Want to have a link building pro look at your link opportunities?
  • Need a professional opinion to decide on which links to buy?
  • Are your keywords losing their positions?
  • Do you struggle with indexing and search engine crawling issues?
  • Do you only rank for branded keywords, but not the generic ones?
  • Do you want a second opinion about your SEO strategy?
  • Do you want to get started with professional link management?
  • Work for a boring industry but still need to get links?
  • Are you uncertain about what works and what doesn’t work in SEO?
  • Have great rankings, then disavowed and got only limited traffic now?
  • Never find your website to show up for your keywords?
  • Did you see a significant drop after years on page one?
  • Have an site with many  languages that don't rank as they should?

Want Christoph C. Cemper to take a deep dive into your website and backlink profile with LRT?

This is YOUR chance for a private site clinic.

A 1:1 personal SEO consultation with Christoph C. Cemper

About LRT

LinkResearchTools (LRT) is highly specialized and the most advanced link analysis software, combined 25+ data sources and recrawling them for up-to-the-minute accuracy, while typical link databases have weeks, months or even years outdated data for the majority of your links. Learn more about LRT here.

About Christoph

Christoph has been doing links and SEO since 2003, created LRT and Link Detox and wakes up every morning thinking about links.

Learn more about Christoph here.

About Site Clinics

What is a site clinic? Learn more about it here.

We have done dozens of private site clinics and helped many users.

Checkout our YouTube channel to get an idea of what you can expect.

What you get 

  • $    799   Software and Crawl Budget (6 Million URLs)
  • $    350   Account setup
  • $ 1,200  SEO consulting with Christoph
  • $ 2,349   Total Value

Notes and disclaimer:

The site clinic will be prepared in full by the team of LRT, the personal 1:1 consulting call limited to 30 minutes. 

A complete SEO audit takes a lot longer than 30 minutes, so the recommendations derived from the site clinic can only be indicative and tackle the "low hanging fruits" and strategy. It is however, the best and most affordable way to "pick Christoph's brain" for your SEO in private at a budget.

If your website has more than 6 million links, we can still do the site audit, you just need to pay the extra Link Crawl Budget.

You will receive an LRT Superhero Standard account for 1 month and the basic disavow file created for the private site clinic.

We are able to record and share the call for future reference for you, but it will not be published.

Unsure? Have questions? Ask us here.


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