Learn a new business model and skills to build recurring revenue

Did you know?

LRT has joined the trend to provide premium resources to motivate people stay home and learn.

Here’s my latest idea to support you stay at home, stay healthy and learn.

Are you thinking about pivoting out or building additional streams of income?

For 100 people only we will provide

  • A little known business model that helps you build or expand recurring revenue
  • 4 webinars with me – one every week 
  • Updated knowledge, news and methods that add to the LRT Associate training (that you can enroll already at no cost)
  • Link Detox Smart software to practice what you learnt examples for 1 month at $1 (instead of $ 249)

We'll tell you more about the deals on Tuesday, if you join the list above.

In case you missed it.

We already started giving away the LRT Associate training which contains a lot of concepts, details and examples for SEO, Link Audits, Link Building and Competitor Research.

The examples in the videos are however based on the classic version of LRT.

BUT – we have an all new generation of the LRT software.

And the new generation does help with a lot of things and methods, that I want to train you on. 100 of you can even get the software for $1.

So, we don’t have the training for the new “Smart” generation finished.

But I will train you in live webinars on it.

How’s that?

If you want to hear more about it on Tuesday, join the list above



Some things you will learn

  • What Link Risk Management is and how it helps you.
  • How to spot and defeat Negative SEO.
  • How to spot a Google penalty, and what to do then (recommended reading here).
  • How you can speed up recovery from a Google penalty.
  • How to analyze and improve your internal links.
  • What named anchors (fragments) are and how you can analyze them.
  • How the new NoFollow 2.0 rules by Google will affect you (recommended reading here).
  • What redirect loops and redirect chains are – and how to see and fix them
    (especially important if you use WordPress, which cause such issues).
  • Which links you should build, and which you should not.
  • What to do if you get link opportunities to acquire, but don’t know which to take. Using Link simulation to find out.
  • How we can help you manage dozens of own sites, semi-automated.
  • Where and why and you cannot rely on Google.
  • and…

on top of all that - a little known business model that helps you build recurring revenue for many clients with ease if you want to do so.


If you would like to get the chance to grab one of 1 of the 100 seats (and the optional $1 software)

  1. Sign up above
  2. Then do the classic LRT Associate Training
  3. Pass the exam
  4. Wait until Tuesday March 31 where I’ll send you the details on the training and the $1 offer.
  5. Visit the webinars every Thursday 4pm Berlin, 3pm London, 10am New York, 7am LA
  6. Totally optional: get your 1 month of Link Detox Smart for $1 if you’d like to try it at home

So, that means – you can start learning right now already.

If you haven’t started the LRT Associate Training, you can do that right away.

No cost.

If you are in the training and have questions, just hit reply.




Wait a moment!

I hear you ask:

Is this a sleazy sales trick to rip me off?

What do I really need to invest for all this?

  • Your time to go through the LRT Associate Training
  • Your efforts to pass the LRT Associate exam
  • Your time to spend with me in the webinars
  • Your time to go through examples and use Link Detox Smart on your own site
  • If you want to be one of the 100 people getting the software for 1 month: $1 funds on PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card

All I receive in exchange from you is $1 and your attention. To avoid going over basics, the entry ticket for the training and the $1 software will be a completed LRT Associate Training AND the passed exam (that you do online).

What’s in it for me? I (hopefully) get interested new users, potential clients for the software or people that just spread the word about staying home, healthy and learning. I take it all.

This comes at the cost of our server resources, opportunity costs for those 100 accounts and my time as well.

What do you say?

To hear more about this on Tuesday, join the list above.


CU inside!

To your success and have a great day!



Christoph C. Cemper
Founder & CEO




Still have questions?

Here are some questions we already received

Q: Will I enter a contract by paying $1?
A: It runs for 1 month. No contract, no auto-billing, no renewal.

Q: Will I be able to use the $1 software on my own website?
A: Within the product limit of Link Crawl Budget for 50.000 links yes. Besides that, you have an existing large backlink profile with millions of links from linkresearchtools.com to dive into.

Q: Are there any other limitations of the $1 software
A: Technically it works like the full $ 249.00 product, but exports and Link Detox Boost are disabled. If you would like to take the data with you, then you need to upgrade. But there’s no need to do so unless you need it for business (and not for learning). For joining and learning no extra payment is needed.

Q: How can I learn from you if you are only “showing your product”?
A: Yeah, free tools are better, right? I have a very different opinion here. I’m explaining what you need to do and how it works in general. Then I show you how to do it in practice, in the most efficient way, and a lot of those examples are in our software.

Yes, my expertise is about links and SEO. So much that I found no other products to cover the methods and needs, and so built my own – that was around 2006. Some methods are so special that no other software supports them until today – still 14 years later. If you want to have a training on using free tools only, I only did that once – and here’s my summary about it.

Q: Why $1 and not 0?
A:  Simple: a bit better identity check and shield against fake account (which we see a lot with $1 sign ups)

Q: Why 100 people?
A:  Resource limits for servers, time, interaction with people? You name it.

Q: Why do I need to pass the exam to get the $1 deal for the software and training?
A:  I want the most motivated people to benefit from this.

Q: Can I get a refund of my $1 if I don’t like it?
A: If you have done the LRT Associate training and want to learn more, then this won’t happen. To save our both times, the answer is no. Non-refundable – I mean, come on. One dollar.

Q: Can I ask questions about that thing, C-O-V-I-D?
A: No. But you can follow me on Twitter @cemper where I may share things or discuss this from my personal view.